Jhonny Perez

Introducing our Chief Technology Officer
Jhonny Perez Headshot. Jhonny is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Burger Tech, a Las Vegas based Web Design and Digital Marketing Company.

Jhonny's Story 📖

Born and raised in the vibrant city of Las Vegas, Nevada, Jhonny's passion for technology ignited at a tender age. His insatiable curiosity led him down a path of self-discovery as he dived into the intricate world of Linux, HTML, and various other digital wonders. Little did he know that this early fascination would eventually pave the way for his remarkable journey with Burger Tech.

Jhonny's pivotal moment arrived during his first job while still in high school, where he was introduced to the cutting-edge technologies used by a local video marketing and technology company. It was within these dynamic surroundings that his affinity for programming and web development blossomed, leaving an indelible mark on his heart and mind.

Yet, as he ventured through high school and explored different job opportunities, he felt an unshakeable sense of incompleteness. It was during this period, while working for one of the world's largest banks as a Small Business Specialist and pursuing his Computer Science degree, that everything fell into place. Jhonny had a revelation - a profound connection between his love for technology and a compelling purpose: using technology to empower small businesses.

Working with small business owners became the highlight of his day, a source of inspiration and fulfillment. He was captivated by their passion and the sheer joy of witnessing these enterprises thrive. Jhonny understood that his technological prowess was a calling to serve and uplift his community's small business ecosystem. This marked the inception of Burger Tech.

Initially named BRGRBY, Burger Tech faced challenges akin to those it aimed to solve for its future clients. Jhonny was on a mission to establish his online presence and connect with like-minded peers. His breakthrough moment came when the Henderson Chamber of Commerce, sharing his vision, offered their unwavering support. Jhonny secured a special grant for minority-owned startups, which proved to be a pivotal turning point for Burger Tech's journey in the competitive realms of Web Design and Digital Marketing in Las Vegas.

Almost two years down the road, Jhonny stands proudly as the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Burger Tech, a thriving enterprise with an ever-growing list of achievements. Since its inception, the company has expanded its services to cater to local businesses, offering a comprehensive array of solutions, including SEO, social media marketing, and website hosting.

Burger Tech has been instrumental in helping dozens of local businesses scale new heights, remaining steadfast in its commitment to Jhonny's initial mission - supporting small businesses with unwavering dedication.

But the story doesn't end here; Burger Tech is far from done. The team is tirelessly working on pioneering their very own software, poised to disrupt the industry and further empower small businesses. As they continue to evolve, Burger Tech is determined to solidify its name as a technological innovator, dedicated to enhancing the growth and success of small businesses everywhere.

To delve deeper into the world of Burger Tech and explore the myriad offerings that are transforming the landscape of small business support, please visit [burger.tech](https://burger.tech). Join us on this exciting journey of innovation, dedication, and empowerment.

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